This Page Will Give You The Most Up-To-Date Information Regarding the COVID-19 Situation and How We Are Handling It On The Galeon Campus.

Sept 16, 2021

A Community Memorial Staff Member tested positive for COVID-19.  

Community Memorial Home visitation will be suspended until we complete our first round of testing.  If there are no additional cases identified during our first round of outbreak testing, then we will reopen visitation. If any more positive cases of Covid are identified in our first round of testing Community Memorial Home visitation will then be suspended until we complete two full weeks of outbreak testing without any new positive cases.  Please let your family and friends know as we do not have everyone’s emails and phone numbers.

Compassionate care and essential care visits are allowed. 

While indoor visitation is suspended, we encourage loved ones to communicate with our residents by phone, video chat, or a window visit if possible.
While we are recommending a COVID test upon visiting we cannot require it. 

The Minnesota Department of Health has set up a free hotline for anyone who has questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Call the MDH hotline at: 1-651-201-3920.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Angie Reinke, Administrator or Carol Hennessy, Director of Nursing at 320-859-2142.

If You Would Like More Infromation Regarding Galeon's Response, please read the following documents.
CDC: What You Need To Know About COVID-19
MDH: Ways to slow the spread of COVID-19
Galeon: COVID-19 Preparations
CMS: Necessary Nursing Home Restrictions