This Page Will Give You The Most Up-To-Date Information Regarding the COVID-19 Situation and How We Are Handling It On The Galeon Campus.

As of January 1, 2021
Current Cases on Campus:

CMH Staff - No Actives

CMH Residents - No Actives
BridgeWell Staff - No Actives

BridgeWell - No Actives
West View Staff - No Actives 
West View Tenants - No Actives
Terrace Heights Tenants - No Actives
Terrace Heights Tenants - No Actives
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As of January 4, 2021,
Galeon Senior Living is once again allowing visitors on campus
All visitors must call ahead to schedule the visit and a time to be COVID-19 tested on our campus.
For Community Memorial Home, please call 320-859-6211 or 320-859-6212.
For BridgeWell or WestView, please call 320-859-6242 or 320-859-6219.
For more information, please call one of the numbers listed above.

Looking for Information about Essential Caregiver Visits?
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No One Is Allowed in to Exercise.
If you feel you must visit, please call 320-859-2142 first and ask for the Nurse's Station

If You Would Like More Infromation Regarding Galeon's Response, please read the following documents.
CDC: What You Need To Know About COVID-19
MDH: Ways to slow the spread of COVID-19
Galeon: COVID-19 Preparations
CMS: Necessary Nursing Home Restrictions